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About Vmr Products

Does the name VMR Products sound familiar? Probably not: many electronic cigarette businesses are backed by large company, often a tobacco company, but not necessarily.

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Perhaps you will know VMR better by their brand names: V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture. The brain behind the faces of these popular e-cigs has a relatively long history in the business.

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VMRProducts.comAbout VMR Products


Founded in 2009, this corporation has opened offices in China, the United States, the Czech Republic, Sweden, the UK, and Ecuador including corporate and distribution headquarters. They own one of the most popular and profitable e-cig lines in the United States.

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V2 Cigs continues to grow and innovate, acquiring new customers, holding on to old ones, and boasting an impressive loyalty record. According to the VMR Products website, more than three quarters of consumers who start purchasing e-cigs and accessories from http://www.buyecigs.info/744-v2-electronic-cigarette-electronic-cigarette-starter-kits-every-little-thing-you-required V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture remain as blu cigarette customers. Records only go back a maximum of 5 years, but those are still good figures in a volatile retail climate with plenty of choice.

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In the News

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V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture, and VMR more generally have been in the press a great deal. Although many other companies exist to support the growth in e-cig retail and internet sales, the biggest names take the brunt of controversy and criticism.

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VMR has stood up well and the press has only been good for them. There will always be criticism and concern, but as a figurehead, there could be few better companies to take this role.

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They have earned attention both because of the general debate over electronic cigarettes and from vapers showing interest in the growing line of products V2 and Vapor Couture carry.

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Major Distributors

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does The Name vmr Products Sound Familiar?


V2 Disposable E Cigs and Vapor Couture Disposables are typically available from major convenience store outlets, including 7/11. New and less familiar distributors are also continuing to add the brand to their stock, and interest from potential partners is always welcome.

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Today you can buy them in the countries mentioned earlier. Soon they could be added to branches of common convenience stores in more countries.




V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture are marketed online, but who brings individuals to those home pages? Often, it is the affiliates who support the business with their personal interest in a brand. Many affiliates make a successful living or a significant side income out of their participation.

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Careers at VMR Products

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Since the corporation is expanding, this provides opportunity for people around the world to join the VMR Products team in one of their 6 locations. If you wind up with a job here, you will enjoy employee benefits, obtain e-cig and e-commerce experience, and have the chance to be part of a global company. Depending on your role, that might mean traveling.

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What are V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture?

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VMR Products owns two of the biggest e-cig brands in the world, brands that are popular in the United States and Europe for several good reasons. For one thing, their customer service is excellent. For another, V2 Cigs was among the first companies to become established in the electronic cigarette market.

Often, It Is The Affiliates Who Support The Business With Their Personal Interest In A Brand.


Often, It Is The Affiliates Who Support The Business With Their Personal Interest In A Brand.

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Thirdly, these products are generally known for their high quality. They are especially attractive to new e-smokers; recent ex-smokers making the transition to vaping.


The two brands represent the male or unisex market (V2) and the female market (Vapor Couture), so customers have the choice of buying analog-style vaping pens or elegant, designer products.


Affordability is another advantage. Though V2 is not the cheapest model on the market (and Vapor Couture is even more expensive), their range of products is inclusive.

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Start as a consumer of disposables. Switch to a power cig and cartomizers. When you are ready for the commitment to hardware, elect to purchase a starter kit.

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There is lots of room for the budget-minded consumer and the one with money to burn and a desire to own every possible piece of equipment V2 Cigs has to sell.

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