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The Booming Business Of Electronic Cigarettes


In the wake of growing interest and controversy about electronic cigarettes, many companies are joining those in existence since the early days of 2008 and 2009. As they keep coming onto the market, one would be wise to wonder if all e-cigs are made alike.

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electronic cigaretteBasics about Electronic Cigarettes


First-time vapers (the name for people using e-cigs as opposed to ‘smokers’) frequently start with brands that have been widely advertised and promoted; brands like South Beach Smoke, http://www.buyecigs.info/741-comparing-the-safe-cig-coupon-different-types-of-ecigs Blu Cigs, Halo, and Cigavette. They do this because they are unfamiliar with the industry and are quickly led to reviews of products such as these.

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Fortunately, these are generally positive products. Each has its positive and negative points, and there are other brands to consider. But with one of these beginners’ electronic cigarettes, a new vaper can get the hang of vaping easily.

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Starter kits for these products contain at least one low-power, rechargable battery, some flavor cartridges, and a USB charger.

Most also come with an AC adaptor and a second battery. Although the frustration of constantly having to recharge a battery and replace the flavor cartridge gets on consumers’ nerves after a while, for the time being this is the obvious choice.


Beginners’ e-cigs (also called smokeless cigarettes, mini cigs, and cigalikes) are about the same size and weight as a cigarette. They operate in the same way: you just puff on them.


A few products in this category are outdated, featuring three parts instead of two. The heating element (called an atomizer) is now typically built into a flavor cartridge. Some are also prone to running out of power too quickly, cartridges leak, while their low-quality chargers have been known to overheat. If you read reviews and top-20 lists, they will lead you away from over-priced, dangerous, and low-power devices that will make you want to give up on vaping.

Intermediate or eGo Electronic Cigarettes

Tanks, Clearomizers, And Cartomizers Do Not Last Forever And Will Need To Be Replaced.

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Usually, a consumer will only move to eGo e-cigs when she has tried mini cigs, simply because they are a little bigger and their cartridges need to be refilled. These are also three-part e-cigs and you heat the vapor before puffing, rather than puffing to activate the atomizer.

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An advantage of using these products is that their longer batteries outlast mini cig batteries. Another is that, with more battery power, they create more nicotine vapor. The third advantage is that you re-fill eGo cartridges or tanks with liquid you choose, so it can be as high-quality or cheap as you like and comes in many more flavors than pre-filled cartridges do.


The traditional eGo associated with intermediate e-cigs is a JoyeTech, but there are generic products known simply as eGos that sometimes work just as well. Sticking with JoyeTech will lead you to reputable, reliable products and a decent warranty.



Some Are Also Prone To Running Out Of Power Too Quickly, Cartridges Leak, While Their Low-quality Chargers Have Been Known To Overheat.


Advanced Personal Vaporizers usually have control heads that allow the user to set voltage and wattage. These devices are still sold in kits, just like eGo and mini cigs, or they can also be found individually. Joyetech, Kanger, Smok, and numerous other companies produce electronics for this category. Setting at least the voltage (possibly also wattage) gives the user control over temperature in relation to the resistance of an atomizer. This means he can set these figures to suit the juice he is vaping.


These devices usually feature LCD screens. By the nature of their devices, they have to be very small. Even an advanced vaper does not want to hold a stick the size of a large carrot in his hands. They typically offer battery protection and on-off switches you have to tap 3 to 5 times to lock and unlock. This keeps you safe, prevents a battery from being left to run out of fuel when not in use, and also protects curious children.


Some brands feature smart technology that counts your puffs and remembers your favorite settings. Like eGo devices and some mini cigs, they are often available in many pretty colors.


Mechanical and Variable Mods

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These are the most expensive types of electronic cigarettes in the e-cig industry, but not all modifiable e-cigs cost $100 and more (even $250 is not unheard of). Certain brands like Smok create machine-finished products which all come out the same and are produced in massive numbers. They are still decent, but not unique. Costs for these are typically low enough for early mod users to afford.

For a unique mod produced by hand, in the United States or Asia (the Philippines are home to a couple of popular manufacturers), you could be spending more than $200, and that’s just for a box unit or control head. Some of them are designed for adjustable air flow or to change the position of the center pin. Numerous devices are telescopic. Some still come with voltage controls.

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A lot of the hype around these devices is their engraved features, limited numbers, and incredible battery power. Some are designed to look like something else (a grenade, pistol, bullet, or the Empire State Building). Unique items feature a serial number, are created out of airplane grade aluminum, or are comprised entirely of surgical stainless steel.

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Tanks, Juices, and Parts


The more you get into vaping, the more parts that will interest you. Modders frequently rebuild their drippers and atomizers, so they look for specific models that cost as much as some APVs. They will also replace firing switches, center pins, coil, wire, and more.


The usual scenario is that you will want to replace the atomizer head, coil, and wick to continue using parts that are in fine shape. Tanks, clearomizers, and cartomizers do not last forever and will need to be replaced. Good quality rechargeable batteries endure without trouble for at least 100+ cycles, but eventually require replacing.

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Most early vapers start with cheap plastic tanks or cartomizers. These are inexpensive to replace and are not meant for rebuilding. When they start to pay more for Pyrex tubes (ideal with certain acidic juice flavors), they want to replace top and bottom caps, play with coil and wick, or keep the other items and only replace the glass.


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