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V2 Cigs Review

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There is not much that is old in the e-cig industry, but relatively speaking, brands carry their old or original gear without changing and expanding only if they have a death wish. Every brand, event the biggest seller, has http://www.doctorsordersonline.com/204-worthy-concept-v2-cigs-coupons-codes-electronic-cigarette-v2 to make adjustments now and then.

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If they choose wisely, it shows they have been listening to their customers. V2 Cigs seems to have paid attention, not ditching the tried and true starter kits, yet adding more products.

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V2 Cigs BannerNothing for Granted

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For example, the previous lineup of flavors was too short. Just three tobacco, three mint or menthol flavors, and four alternatives filled the catalogue. These days you can get almost anything you can think of in vapor-liquid form.


While the people at V2 Cigs by no means suggest blending flavors they believe will turn out to be a disgusting waste of money, they do invite vapers to choose for themselves. The only caution is that vapor liquid is non-refundable, so think before you concoct using their new customizable pre-filled carto option.

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This product gives the client 100 pre-filled cartridges featuring the blend he wants and labeled with the name he chooses. Suggested flavors for individual or blended selections include the usual things: cream, chocolate, caramel, drink bases, and fruits. Ask for the very blend you desire, being precise and clear. You will receive your parcel after a few weeks for the price of $233.51.

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Each package of cartridge comes in one flavor and one color, but not from a color selection spanning the rainbow. Your options start with Process Yellow, followed by many shades of yellow, espresso, etc. A customizable pre-filled cartridge is destined to resemble a regular analog upper portion, so choose a battery color to suit it.


A very special part of this process is being able to choose nicotine at a minute level. It is available in 0.1% increments. Choose a liquid base too: vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.

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Out with the Old?

A $25.89 Pass-through Kit Contains Cartridges And A Pass-through, Usb, Or Power Cig.

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This V2 Cigs review might be giving you the impression that the old flavors are gone, but that is not so. Starter kits continue to be packaged with a choice of flavors from the original ten.

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Your Vaping Device Of Choice Is A Provari Or An Innnokin Itaste Mvp.


A limited edition section also features a few others that could be on their way out. Items like cinnamon and grape are not featured among 5-packs which, by the way, cost a competitive sum of $10.33.

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Save money by:

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• Purchasing bulk amounts of your cartridges
  E cig brand coupons  • Waiting to place an order until you want enough items to qualify for free shipping

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Also, remember that V2 Cigs sells blank cartomizers and e-liquid in bottles. Use blanks and e-liquid to lower the cost and expand your selection of e-juice.


EX by V2 Cigs

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Usually, one thinks of an EX in a bad way: an ex-girlfriend, boss, friend, or husband. In the case of EX by V2 Cigs, the opposite is true: this is a very good addition to the V2 Cigs catalogue. When combined with their upcoming EX pre-filled cartomizers, the entire unit is bigger, lasts longer, and is potentially more stylish than the regular V2 battery and cartomizer together.

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I would just say, though, that their selection of designs could have been more inspired. I love Bloom and Royale, but carbon fiber, scarlet metallic, and brushed steel are not that interesting. The only new and special thing about them is that they are the outer colors for bigger mini cig batteries and cartridges or EX tanks.

V2 Beginner Starter KitStill Buying Starter Kits

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Maybe you aren’t buying starter kits for smokeless cigarettes anymore. Your vaping device of choice is a Provari or an Innnokin iTaste MVP. The V2 Cigs range, even as it expands, fails to provide what you need.

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Yet, for all the e-cig users out there, the ratio to cigarette smokers continues to be alarming. That means starter kits are going to continue to be important until every smoker makes the choice to give up analog cigarettes and get healthy at last. V2 will be around and with the same starter kits they have carried for a few years.

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The reason V2 starter kits are often synonymous with the mini cig experience is that they are popular, affordable, and varied. A $25.89 pass-through kit contains cartridges and a pass-through, USB, or power cig. This item works when plugged into a USB outlet. No battery is required.

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Next is the starter priced $36.27. Its single battery is inadequate, but there is a disposable e-cig to tide you over while waiting for a battery to charge up and your new battery to arrive in the mail. Six cartos and an express charger are also added to the box with a choice of tobacco or menthol.

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Unfortunately, the Standard Kit is priced much higher: $62.22. It has two batteries, ten cartomizers, and a charging kit. Its cousin, the Standard Kit Plus, contains a portable charging case but costs almost double the price.

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Think carefully about your choice. The PCC is virtually indispensable. It gets traveling vapers through what could have been rough times, distant from a single charging source. The charged PCC continues to charge a battery and store cartomizers without being plugged in for some time.

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Finally you have an Ultimate Starter Kit. For $155.62, a price V2 Cigs has recently reduced, your package comes with a lanyard, charging kit, 25 cartomizers, a power cig, and three batteries. You also receive a car adaptor.


Usually They Provide Some Answers To Questions That Are Not Answered In The Faq Section, But Not All Of Them.

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Starter Kits seem like a lot of money, but pick them apart. Price out each piece then add up the numbers and see what you get. The result is clear: not only is vaping cheaper than smoking, but starter kits save you money. Find out how much and how to save yet more with online discount codes, affiliate marketing, by signing up for a newsletter, and more.

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There are countless ratings of V2 Cigs on their website, on e-cig reviewers’ sites, on Youtube, and forums. Usually they provide some answers to questions that are not answered in the FAQ section, but not all of them. Call customer service and get the full story.

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