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hazardos-chemicals The results of 9 vaping studies #1 - Secondhand vapor is not dangerous Drexel Universitys Igor Burstyn, a toxicology expert, concluded that there is no risk to bystanders breathing vapor. This study was crowd-funded by vapers through CASAA . Exposures of bystanders are likely to be orders of magnitude less, and thus pose no apparent concern, wrote Burstyn. Peering through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells us about health risks Igor Burstyn #2 - Vaping can improve lung function for smokers There are several studies that find no harmful effects of vaping on the lungs. One of the most impressive is Dr. Polosas discovery that in asthmatic smokers, switching to vaping or even just using vaping to reduce smoking improved lung function. The e-cig may help smokers with asthma to reduce their cigarette consumption or remain abstinent and hence reduce the burden of smoking-related asthma symptoms, wrote Polosa. The positive findings observed with e-cigs allows us to advance the hypothesis that these products may be valuable for smoking cessation and/or tobacco harm reduction also in asthma patients who smoke. Effect of Smoking Abstinence and Reduction in Asthmatic Smokers Switching to Electronic Cigarettes: Evidence for Harm Reversal Riccardo Polosa, et al #3 - Nicotine alone is not powerfully addicitve Nicotine isnt close in addictiveness to heroin or cocaine or any of the other drugs non-experts throw around to scare readers. Lots of studies question common beliefs about nicotines addictiveness.

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